Driveways Lighting Options

When it comes to lighting driveways, just a few well-placed lights can add a welcoming salutation. A good LED light will not only enhance the appearance of your driveway but also ensure your safety. Here are some lighting options that provide great illumination to your driveway.

  1. LED Canopy Light

A 40W or 70W LED canopy light gives out 4800lm or 8400lm of 5000K white light respectively. This high-quality light lends an ambiance to the outdoors. It is IP65 waterproof rated and saves you from the unwanted maintenance expenses. You can either mount it on the wall beside the driveway or on the entrance of the garage to illuminate the destination that is the parking space. You can either mount it directly on through pendant mounting. It is easy and quick to install. To further save on your electricity bill, you can attach a motion sensor that will automatically turn the light on and off.

  1. LED Parking Lot Light

Driveway lighting would be incomplete if the parking area/garage is ignored. If you are looking for safe and welcoming entry to your home, for yourself and the guests, this light is a perfect choice. It will elegantly ensure your driveway safety. The LED shoebox parking lot light provides great illumination with no maintenance costs. It is remarkably durable and is designed to handle all weather conditions. By attaching photocell sensors you can time it to turn on automatically.

  1. LED Security Flood Light

This smartly designed light will make your driveway look more than just an entrance. This light will not only spread a warm glow on your driveway but also show off your landscape. It emits 5000K bright white light and is perfect to guide the vehicles on arrival and departure during the night.