Commercial LED Lighting : How It Helps To Attract Customers

Let's know how Commercial LED Lighting's some key features attracts people much..


Intensity or Lumen

The brightness of the standard lights, like the incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs is measured in watts. However, currently the common unit of measurement brightness is lumens. Thus, the next lumen would imply a brighter bulb.



Efficiency is the total amount of light (lumens) an LED bulb produces  using a certain amount of power (watts). For instance, a bulb emitting 490 lumens of light by using nine  watts of power has an efficacy of 80 lumens (490/9) per watt. A bulb with this efficacy will definitely be more cost-effective than the one emitting 490 lumens at 13 watts.


Color Rendering Index – CRI

LED lights with high CRI value (closer to 99) reveal the true desired colors of the products on display, thereby encouraging people to make purchase decisions in your favor.

Correlated Color Temprature

CCT is measured on the Kelvin scale generally. It indicates the hue, saturation and tone of the emitted light. Depending on the mood and occasion you want to create, you can choose a light with the most appropriate CCT.