Bathrooms Lighting Ideas

If you are thinking of lighting options for your bathroom, why settle with the same old boring incandescent light bulbs? Often people pay less attention to the lighting of the bathroom. It is extremely important to choose the perfect lights for your bathroom as it is the place where you would begin your day. Hykolity has some of the most amazing bathroom lighting options for every style of bathroom.

  1. LED Vanity Light Bars

If you are looking for adding a glamorous touch to your bathroom, you should consider the LED vanity light bars. These wall-mounted LED lights are best suitable for your bathroom mirrors and can be easily installed. By attaching a dimmer, you can set the brightness as per your mood. Hykolity presents various options in sizes that you can choose from as per your requirement.

  1. LED Canless Downlights

LED canless downlights compliments any style of bathroom interiors. They are easy to install and are highly in demand. With Hykolity, you get various options in terms of sizes and color temperatures.

  1. LED Recessed Can Lights

If you are looking for an ultra-cool look for your bathroom, you can not miss the LED recessed can lights. It produces a 3000K-5000K white light that sets up a relaxing mood. It gives an output of 600lm and 1000lm by consuming only 9W to 12W of power.

  1. Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lightings add a classy look to your bathroom. They give out 4000K white light which is perfect to brighten up your bathroom as well as your mood.

  1. LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights make your bathroom look bright and clear. They are easy to install and looks neat and clean. Its Triac dimming feature works well with most LED dimmers.