Barn Lighting Fixtures

Walking into a barn may not be a pleasant experience for everyone. However, good lighting can create a positive environment, a clear view, and calm the horses as well. Having only ceiling lights creates shadows under the horses’ bodies. Therefore, plan the lighting carefully eliminate shadow everywhere. Having lights at the edges of the walls shining inwards at the horses’ legs is one way you can resolve this problem. Hykolity presents two best barn lighting fixtures that help you keep your barn well-lit and secure.

  1. LED Yard Light

LED yard light is just the right light to illuminate your barn. These are downward-facing lights that are a basic requirement for lighting up a barn. These lights give a small but bold coverage. So, having a few of these installed can brighten up the whole barn. These lights are IP 65 waterproof rated and can withstand tough weather conditions. They are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum which makes them perfect ideal for outdoor usage as well. Its built-in photocell automatically turns it on when it is dark and turns it off during the day. They act as a security light and are highly in demand today.

  1. LED Vapor Tight Light

Hykolity has LED vapor tight lights in a variety of styles. You can either opt for the LED linear vapor tight fixtures or the LED jelly jar fixtures that are perfect for a barn. The plastic connectors keep the humid, moisture, dust and dirt from entering the lights. The installation procedure is simple as it comes with a power cord connected to a plug. LED vapor tight lights give a bright 5000K white light and are ideal for both outdoors or indoors at your barn.