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Why should you upgrade to UFO LED high bay lights?

UFO-style LED lamps are one of the most reliable and energy-saving upgrades you can do for your commercial building. Because LED diodes do not strongly emit heat and noise, they are long-lasting and output bright light efficiently. UFO high bay LED lights are unidirectional so its light points downward where you need it most. No wasted energy!

Brand drivers are set externally away from the body so it is kept cooler, further extending the UFO LED high bay’s working life. Each unit is lightweight compared to traditional UFO high bays so your installation is made simpler.

How to Use UFO High Bay Lights

UFO high bay LED lights are best utilized in large, open spaces like warehouses, gyms, shops and other commercial areas with high ceilings. They can be used in high humidity spaces thanks to their IP65 water-resistant rating.

We offer high bay LED lights in several different designs and level of output for your specific use. UFO high bays are especially great for illuminating spots directly below them and add to your ceiling’s grid-like aesthetic with its circular form factor.

Advantages of Using UFO High Bay LED Lighting

          • Modern industrial design
          • Unidirectional beam; proficiently illuminates area directly below it
          • Better build quality than conventional fixtures
          • Takes up less space
          • Dimmable
          • Low maintenance cost
          • Consumes less energy

UFO High Bay LED Lighting 


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