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See the difference LED flat panels make against your old fluorescent ceiling panels. These LED light replacements are instant-on and feature shatterproof lenses that provide you even distribution of light. Choose between 4000K or 5000K white for your desired tinge of white. With decorative trims included with select panel lights, your home ceiling gets a picturesque accent that enhances the snug feel of your house.

Each LED ceiling panel is wafer thin for easy handling. They are also lightweight so you can reduce labor costs by allowing one-man installation. LED drivers are integrated into the LED panels, making the installation process even easier. Once wired, fold open the tabs in the back to secure the LED panel light to your drop ceiling (if applicable). They may also be suspension mounted or surface mounted.

It’s an office where the employees always need sufficient yet soothing light to work properly. Installation of the traditional lights and bulbs may not allow them to work properly as these lights can be very harsh for the human eyes. Gone are those days when these lights were used at the offices. But now the LED panel light has managed to replace those old bulbs most successfully.

The installation of the LED flat panel light is not only going to bring soothing and sufficient light for the office, but also these lights are going to enhance the overall feel and look of the office. No matter what sort of office décor you have done, the LED flat panel light is going to complement the overall décor in the best possible manner.

Flat Panel Options

Fit them anywhere from hallways to kitchens where high-lumen LED panels may be too strong. If they are too bright for you, you can wire them with a 0-10V dimmer to control lighting output. Our panel lights’ varying sizes allow you to add as much or as little to your home space as you want. For a quick look at our residential panel light options, see the table below.




Color Temp.



1800 lm




2500 lm




4000 lm



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