The Best UFO High Bay Mounting Heights

Last month we took an in-depth look at the LED UFO high bay to show you why it’s the best application for your warehouse. One common question we run into is how high you should hang commercial LED fixtures. And while we added handy shortcuts, this piece sits at the bottom of the UFO high bay guide. So, we’ve made it a standalone post here for quick access!

These suggestions may also apply to our LED linear high bay fixtures, but results will vary. We highly suggest doing your own research and using free light layout tools. Our results were calculated using the DIALux evo software.

Each UFO high bay has a 110° beam angle, except for the 200W version which has a 120° beam angle. This and their lumen output will affect your mounting height. Based on a 40-50 foot candle output, we suggest mounting the LED UFO high bays at least 10 feet from the floor, and up to 20 feet. The spacing should equal the coverage, so if the 100W fixture gives you a 30-foot diameter, set them 30 feet apart.

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