How to Reduce Glare to Save Your Eyesight!

Glare in Car

Are your eyes straining as you are sitting at your desk? Do you think your pen is gleaming a bit too much? Are you squinting while operating a forklift? For everyone’s sake, please don’t close your eyes!

Forklift Fail Tips Over Entire Inventory

Instead, reduce the glare. High-intensity output is reflected from highly reflective surfaces like glossy magazines and chrome plating. This is how glare is created and causes discomfort. Brighter isn’t always better! Maintaining your eyesight is of utmost importance inside and outside of the workplace. So here are a few ways you can reduce glare to boost your eye comfort.

Use Darker Colored Furniture

Before you fully furnish your new building or office, consider your furniture’s color. Under bright LED lighting, white and other light colors tend to reflect the most glare. In contrast, neutral or darker colored furniture will instead absorb much of the light, vastly reducing the reflection.

Reposition Furniture or Light

Direct light causes the most amount of glare, but you probably don’t need a spotlight pointed at your desk space. Indirect light is more than enough. To get the most out of indirect light, first determine your fixture(s)’ foot-candle (how far out the light can shine). From there you can shift your furniture toward or away from your fixture until you find your ideal spot. Alternatively, you can also shift your commercial lighting, so people won’t get hit with a direct glare.

Use Diffusers and Dimmers

Sometimes moving your furniture or LED light fixtures isn’t an option. So, if it comes down to it upgrade the latter by adding diffusers or dimmers. Exposed LED diodes have an unmitigated output that makes it tough to look at directly (not that you should anyway!). A lens will keep your lights in check while giving them a more fluid, uniform appearance. Reducing light output will also reduce glare proportionately and is achievable by wiring a 0-10V dimmer to your commercial lights. Adding diffusers and dimmers will not only reduce the harsh glare but also add value to your light fixtures.

By simply tweaking things here and there, you can dramatically change how your room looks and feels. With subdued lighting, people under your commercial LED lights will enjoy a heightened sense of productivity and focus. Have you wondered what the initials on your packaging mean? Find out soon, but don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates!