LED Vs Incandescent Lights

 LED Vs Incandescent bulbs

LED is a two-light semiconductor that produces light, electrons and electron wholes that combine to release energy that is in form of photons. The color of the bulb is determined by the energy of the semiconductor. They are long lasting and save a lot of energy, saving money in the long run.

Incandescent lights have electric wirethat produce light through heated filaments, which get heated and glow emitting visible light. It contains inert gas where the filament is protected from oxidation with a fused quartz. They are made in different sizes, voltage ratings and light output. They are manufactured at a low cost and can work on either direct current or alternating current.

LED vs Incandescent lights

  • LED does not require to be changed frequently and some parts of it can be recycled making its maintenance cost very low. Incandescent must be bought regularly because they get damaged easily and their lifespan is short and cannot be recycled.
  • LED upfront cost is more in comparison to cheap incandescent bulbs. However, LED’s are cheaper on energy and will save you money and time in the long run.
  • LED are solid lights and cannot be damaged by physical shock. While incandescent are very fragile because they are only protected by a thin glass bulb.
  • LED are small and can be scaled into bigger sizes making it able to be used in different places. Incandescent comes in different shapes and sizes and they are mostly used at home for indoor purposes. They are small but not as small as the LED’s
  • Incandescent takes longer time to start in very low temperatures because it must get warm first before light is emitted. LED can work on low temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees.
  • LED have a warranty of up to 5 to 10 years and it will still work as though it is new. Due to the short lifespan incandescent are not guaranteed which is why they are cheap to buy.
  • The lifetime cost of LED’s is very low, this is because of the low maintenance cost and savings in energy. The lifetime cost of Incandescent is very high because the bulb needs to be changed often and cannot be recycled.
  • Incandescent emit heat at a rate of 90% which can be useful at some point but can also be very harmful to humans. LED’s are known to emit very little heat thus it is not known to cause problems.

Both led and incandescent produce light but LED have more benefits in the long run comparing to incandescent bulb which is for short term purposes. It basically sums up the LED comes out on top for the several advantages it offers.