LED Vapor Jelly Jar Fixtures-Hykolity Lighting

LED vapor Jelly jar fixtures are used for vapor-proof residential and commercial LED lighting to replace CFL and other traditional lights. Jelly jars are IP66 rated against dust and water ingress for secure and clear visible lighting over cold storages, doorways, and environments where high moisture is collected.

A wide range of vapor tight fixtures are made available by Hykolity and also comes in various styles. These LED tight fixtures are an ideal application where fixtures are exposed to moisture and humid. On natural course when a lamp is exposed to too much of humid and moisture there is a probability that the lifespan of the light is reduced.

However, these latest designs of light fixtures will stop it from happening thus increasing its effectiveness and efficiency. LED vapor tight fixtures are not only resistant to moisture but also to dirt and dust. Many a time we are required to put lighting where it is exposed to heavy moistures such as cold storages. In that case, you can use 4 feet vapor tight LED light fixtures. It is characterized by a power cord with a plug that will help to simplify your installation process and a plastic connector that will help in preventing dust and water from passing through.

LED vapor tight light that is mounted on the wall is the compact but a powerful solution to illuminate your doorways, outdoors and indoors. The vapor tight LED wall mount shines in a vibrant 5000k white and gives off 1800 lumens of light.

The location that is perfect for LED vapor tight lighting

Led vapor fixtures are completely ideal for commercial, industrial and retail building. In addition to this, it also includes places where durable water-resistant lighting solutions are needed. This can include places such as car washes convenience stores, manufacturing facilities and sopping stores where an indoor and outdoor lighting solutions are required that will operate for many years and is also required to withstand the exposure to cold and wet environments that are strongly prevalent in such situations. Here we have discussed such a place where these lightings are essential.

Vapour proof lighting for parking Garages: parking garages are the most suitable place where these lights can be of great use as they are often partially exposed to the moisture elements. A vapor tight light will successfully keep out moisture and dirt kicked up by vehicles that can easily get into the light fixture affecting its life. In such cases utilization of vapor tight light fixtures helps in restoring the lifespan of Led lights and given that the parking garages are illuminated 24 hours a day.

Industrial refrigeration: This is another area where the collection of moisture is high. It is an often-underappreciated benefit of LED lighting technology is that they outperform all other lightings in excessive cold temperature. The major issue of these areas is the build-ups of condensation. This makes LED vapor tight lights the ideal light fixtures for industrial refrigerators and cold storages.

Food processing facilities: The need for a clean space inside an industrial building which produces and work with consumable is a must. These types of lighting allow for proper cleaning of the fixtures without putting the light sources to risk.