LED High Bay Lights: More Efficient and Powerful as Compared to Other Fluorescent

Nowadays we prefer lights that are more effective and efficient. Let us discuss what are fluorescent lights? Fluorescent lights are a particular type of gas-in charged light. It produces lights by converting ultraviolet emissions with a fluorescent coating on the sides of the tube. Recently it has been observed widely that due to the integration of the latest technology LED lights are becoming more preferable to people. There are various reasons that have contributed to this appeal.

 There are several reasons why LED lights are efficient and powerful as compared to other fluorescents. Lets’ find out.

Major drawbacks of Fluorescent lights

  • These lamps contain toxic mercury, mercury, as well as a phosphor that are inside the bulbs, contain hazardous materials that represent a waste disposal problem at the end of the life of the light.
  • The major drawback of these lights is that the life span is curtailed if they are frequently switched on and off. So, it is not suitable for commercial indoor lighting as the need of turning it on for a whole day is necessary
  • Fluorescent bulbs are Omni directional as they produce lights in 360 degree
  • It also emits a small amount of UV radiation as they are known to cause fading of dyed items or paintings that are exposed in lights
  • It also requires a ballast to stabilize the light
  • They also emit heat and also increase the maintenance of these bulbs as they do not last more than a year

Benefits of LED high bay lights

If it is compared in terms of life span than I can say that well-lit high bay LED lights can maintain its brightness near about 70% even after 50000 hours. However, the illumination of fluorescent lamps becomes a little dim after (8000-10000 hrs).

LED bulbs have a high-efficiency rate for converting power into brightness. High-efficiency fluorescent bulbs are also available but they are too costly. The best thing is that you can easily replace fluorescent light with LED lights which consume only one-fourth electricity.

It uses less energy than fluorescent light which is considered as one of the best benefits of LED lights as they consume very less electricity making it more efficient than other fluorescent lamps. This is because are very efficient in converting electrical power to lights quickly and easily which is not possible in case of traditional bulbs hence making LED lights more efficient.

When it comes in the context of saving money LED lights to save more money than other lights, you must be wondering how? Well, we have mentioned earlier that it consumes less energy in comparison to fluorescent lights. Therefore, it is pretty clear that it will help you save more money by installing LED lamps than other traditional bulbs. So high bay lights are ideal for your home.

LEDs are more resilient than other fluorescent bulbs. If you notice carefully then you will notice that this bulb takes time to turn on, and they also flicker. But this is not the case in terms of the LED light. The emission of the heat of LED lights is very low in comparison to traditional bulbs. Hence it can be said that LED high bay lights are more efficient than other fluorescent lights.