Hykolity Launches LED lighting Solution for Supermarket

In retail stores, bright and clean illumination is advisable including supermarkets, shop corners with an aim to boost business. The lighting that is used in the supermarket adds up to the overall experience of the customer – it allures them in, to make both routine and impulse purchase. Most of the customers purchasing behaviour are influenced by the ambience of supermarkets. By creating an attractive ambience, it can always attract more customers. Supermarket stores that lack good quality lighting affect the customer decision-making process as customers will not be engaged in product offerings, prompting individuals to buy the essentials and exits.

Hykolity has launched a good light LED solution for your supermarket stores. The main features of these LED lights are that it is glass-free, featuring a polycarbonate lens, making them perfect for the food sensitive environment. You will be simply amazed by the savings energy that can be made by switching over to energy-efficient LED lights.

You will be able to make savings of up to 70%. Apart from that, it has a longer life span which is very essential for the company. A supermarket is the places where the light will be turned on for than 12 hours and for this normal standard lights which is not an ideal choice. By keeping them turned on for more than 12 hours will bring in the need to replacing it every 3 or 5 years, increasing the cost of operation.

Apart from that, they will also increase electricity bills. People are always drawn towards things that allow them to make most of the savings. This is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of LED lights. LED troffer light is ideal for supermarket stores as it will illuminate a larger area. Hykolity has launched various types of lights in the market that can be used for various purposes.

Various types of LED lights have been introduced by the company such as.

Shelf area lighting

It the body place where the goods are displayed, it requires both vertical and horizontal lighting to let all the goods can be enough selected by customers. This is because the distance between the shelves closer, lighting for this area reduces the shadow and anti-glare and neutral cool-temperature functions. LED troffer panel light will be a good choice for this.

Lighting of the fresh area

This is the best place to display cheese, fish, butter, cooked food, and meat. The lighting design in this area should be smart which will not only make the food look fresh but also take into account the temperature impact of goods. So, lighting fixtures that are too hot are not recommended in this area. LED linear light fixtures won’t be much applicable instead LED downlight or ceiling light are the best solutions for the fresh area.

Promotional area lighting

This area is to attract the customers at first sight, so that they can quickly spot the main discount products of the supermarket. For this purpose, lighting for this area should be higher bright than 20% of the surrounding environment. Dim LED lights will fail to attract customers and hence is not suitable for changes from display requirements.