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LED high bay and low bay light bars are perfect multi-purpose luminaires because they can be used anywhere. They can provide the right amount of light in almost any setting and will not cause overload. Whether it is used in homes or commercial places, any of our LED linear lamps will not go wrong. The LED linear lamp has an effective 40-60W range and 5000K white output, which can bring you value by reducing the electricity rate and extending the service life.

A store is a place where you need to display goods in front of customers. Therefore, in doing so, the customer also needs to have a clear appearance of the displayed items. This is why it is very important to install LED workshop lights nowadays. These store lights may be the best decorations in your store!

Well, installing LED workshop lights can also ensure that you have enough light on the workshop floor to make your eyes feel soothed. In the long run, these LED workshop lights will not use bulbs that produce strong or weak light, but will provide appropriate lighting for the place.

Which linear LED light should I use?
We provide three different LED linear lights. Our surround lights can be used in almost all applications, suitable for residential, retail and industrial uses. Linkable LED linear luminaires are our most versatile lights; you can use as little space or as much space as possible to illuminate aisles or offices. Use our specially designed moisture-proof LED linear lights in high humidity environments (such as refrigeration equipment).

No matter which linear light you choose, the visibility of your space will be magnified in the next few years.

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