High Bay Lighting and Warehouse Safety

High Bay LED Lighting

LED Lighting and Warehouse Storage Facilities

There are many types of industries that call for business to hold a large amount of inventory.  These can range from commercial to residential appliances, products, and even edible food.  Every industry might be different but they often call for a similar factor, which is lighting. 

High bay lighting is very common in large storage and shipping warehouses.  This specific type calls for commercial linear or UFO lighting fixtures.  Having to supply adequate lighting for the entire facility obviously depends on a number of factors such as square footage, and the height of the lights.  It is commonly that most of these warehouse spaces use fluorescent lighting. 

One of the main things that arise with using this type of lighting is the amount of unnecessary heat that is produced from the lights.  This can cause extra energy use to try and cool off the facilities as the AC will have to work harder.  Besides having to use more energy, there is a maintenance factor that usually means having an electrician replacing bulbs or ballasts.  This can be both cost time and money for the electrician to come out to your facility, then most likely needing a boom lift to be able to replace the light bulb.

These factors can be drastically reduced by retrofitting lighting to LEDs.  One of the best factors about LEDs is that this type of lighting does not produce heat like all other types of lights.  This is a huge benefit in saving unnecessary cooling costs.  Also, lighting timing controls can be added to save even more on energy when lights are not in use.   Storages that call for refrigeration can really benefit from this as LED lighting is ideal for these types of applications.  Hykolity manufactures LED vapor tight lighting which is water and moisture resistant.  These can be found for a very reasonable price on their website or through Amazon.