LED Lighting vs CFL Lighting

To understand LED light and CFL light benefits, it’s important to understand the difference between them. LED products emit light when a current pass through them. While in CFL bulbs, light is emitted when electric current flows between electrodes in the gas-filled tube. Even in physical appearance, LED is the long light bulb and CFL is curly. But which one to choose is always the question.

LED Lighting vs CFL


Let us find about them over there advantage and disadvantages.

CFL Advantages:

As we know, CFL term as compact fluorescent appears much like the incandescent light when we used them. They can fit in standard light sockets without any adaptor.

CFL Disadvantages:

CFL lights consist of the mercury contained in the bulb which is the biggest disadvantages of them. Mercury is a dangerous heavy metal, and when the blub breaks then proper cleanup is critical.

LED Advantages

LED makes very nice lighting for effect and decorative purposes and they are cost-effective with a longer life span. These bulbs fit in standard light fixtures without any adaptor.

LED Disadvantages

Generally buying cost of LED Lights is more to than CFLs. These lights are directional, meaning they are excellent for lights under high ceiling or cabinetry, but can not be used to table lamps. New advent in LED lights with dimmer which can help some.

Both are efficient ways to light your home and commercial space work with all lamps and fixtures which already exist. For general lightings, such as illuminating a room, CFL bulb is best, but if want directional light for illuminating the home, you might prefer the LED bulbs