How to Install Soffit Lights?

The design of Hykolity LED canopy Soffit light is such that it renders you a hassle free installation experience. It can be your ‘DIY’ for a Sunday as it take minutes to hang it up there quickly. It can be installed both on ceiling as well as Conduit (in this case you have to buy the pole separately). Doubtlessly, this is the best Soffit lighting for the ceiling as it is gliding easy and allows you to freely wire the canopy lamp even before you complete the mounting process.


Let’s have a quick glance at the installation process:

1) Turn off the power before you begin.

2) Carefully take off the mounting back housing and mount it onto the junction box.

3) The safety cable that has been provided in the box has to be attached to the front housing.

4) The quick connector here comes into action by connecting the wires which is a crucial part of the whole process of Soffit light fixtures.

5) At this step now one has to put back the front housing back with the help of the screws. It is suggested to use a silicon sealant (that is not provided in the package) that has to be put tightly on the bottom of the fixtures to ensure a tight grip on the mounted surface.

 It also contains an instruction booklet along the package to ensure a perfect indoor or LED Soffit lighting outdoor too. It might sound a bit technical at first, but it is a complete DIY act. It has no rocket science behind it; even the booklet has diagrams to ensure trouble free installation.