Can LED lights overheat?

Yes, LED Lights can overheat. As we know, LEDs can run at high temperature but there is a limit how much LED Light can handle the heat. It is very important to use adequate heatsinking to prevent LED lights from overheating.


There are two important factors for LED Lights failure due to overheating is inadequate heat sinking and excess LED power. Extremely high voltage and current spikes are capable of causing extreme damage to the LEDs themselves, wires, plastic lenses, etc
Can LED lights overheat?

How do I prevent LED Lights overheating?

1)You must follow LED manufacture’s specification which is provided and must seek application advice in LED Light cooling
2)Try to avoid LED bulbs in an enclosed LED fixture
3)LED Lights mounting position matters. Make sure there is no blocking or obstruction the rear of the light bar where the rib or fin positioned from proper dispersing the heat that is generated from LED Light.