Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing the LED Lighting For Your Commercial/Residential Establishment

Light! Would anything even be possible without it? Light is the most fundamental aspect of our life; we heavily depend on every single day. From the moment we wake up until the time we close our eyes and sleep off. The monotonous cycle repeats itself every day.

Now, there are (of course) two types of lighting conditions – Natural and Artificial. Natural lighting obviously refers to the light we get from the Sun, which is universal. The other source of light is artificial lighting, which we use in our homes or just anywhere in the form of electricity.

Over the years, the mode of utilizing this artificial lighting has evolved enormously. From starting out with a simple incandescent GLS bulb, we have now moved on to a plethora of bulb options that produce a better and much more efficient lighting performance.

Amongst those choices, the Troffer LED lighting and the UFO high bay lighting are one of the unique forms of the light bulb. A Troffer LED light is unique in appearance and application as well. As opposed to the traditional cylindrical or even a spherical shape, the Troffer is rectangular in shape and designed ideally to fit into a modular ceiling.

On the other hand, a LED UFO light has a dome-like design, and the internal part consists of multiple individuals LED lights forming a concentric circle. The name of the light is attributed due to its resemblance with a UFO, or at least that's what we see in the movies.

This makes both the Troffer LED lighting and the LED UFO lights an ideal lighting option, especially for big commercial buildings.

Here are some of the most intriguing advantages of installing Troffer LED lighting and UFO high bay lighting in your commercial office.

Applications of Troffer LED lighting and UFO high bay lighting

Troffer LED lighting:

Troffer LED lighting finds their ideal applications in places where you require even light distribution across a large area. The ideal location for installing such LED light would be in a large commercial place such as an office or even for residential use in large rooms.

UFO high bay Lighting:

LED UFO lights, as apparent by their name, find their ideal applications in places where there is a large open area with a high ceiling. Due to their concealing structure (dome-design), they are capable of focussing light onto a specific area with high efficiency even if they are placed at an elevated height. They find their applications in places like garages, large malls, gyms, warehouse, etc.  


Benefits of utilizing LED lightings

  1. Eco-friendly

As environment-friendly enthusiasts, we should all be aware of how much LED lightings help us in reducing the emission of harmful radiations or particles into the atmosphere. As opposed to other sources of lightings such as incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights do not possess any toxic elements such as Mercury. This means both the Troffer LED light or LED UFO light won't cause any environmental contamination even if it is disposed of in landfill waste (not that it's recommended).

  1. Energy-efficient

Reducing the consumption of energy is one of the most crucial factors involved in choosing the ideal lighting system at present. The savings in energy consumption is significant when using Troffer LED lighting. Also, as opposed to other lighting systems such as a fluorescent bulb, an LED covert about 95% of the supply energy to light energy, and the rest 5% is wasted as heat energy. Whereas, a typical fluorescent bulb produces the adverse effect where only 5% is utilized for light production and the rest 95% is wasted as heat energy.

For instance, a typical fluorescent light bulb consumes an average of about 160 Watts. Whereas, an LED light bulb of the same power capacity only consumes only about 30-50 Watts. This means both Troffer LED lighting and UFO high bay lighting can practically provide you about 80% more energy-efficiency than other lighting systems.

  1. Pocket-friendly

LED lightings naturally have pocket-friendly written all over them. Due to their tremendous energy-saving factor, they (obviously) cut down the energy meter charges and save you a significant amount. This is especially beneficial for large commercial office buildings where the energy bill can mount up to a substantial amount. Troffer LED lighting can save you up to $81 per light fixtures in your office. The more light fixtures you use, the more you save on your pocket expenditures on light bills. The same applies to LED UFO lights as well.

For instance, if your office building utilizes 100 Troffer LED lightings, you can practically save up to $5,000 per year, which is quite a sizeable amount.

  1. Longer Active Life Spans

One of the most pessimistic factors of an ordinary Florescent or Incandescent lighting is their active short life duration. So, in addition to their highly expensive energy cost, you are wasting additional money on getting them replaced every 2-3 months. The life span further deteriorates in case of a large commercial building, where the lighting system is utilized for most hours of the working day, and the whole week as well. This raises extra concern over the expenditure cost of maintaining such a vast number of lighting systems in your commercial/residential places.

LED lights, on the other hand, produces adverse results. In addition to saving your energy consumption costs, they also come with an extremely long life duration. A typical Troffer LED lighting and UFO high bay lighting can both deliver up to 50,000 – 150,000 hours of active working lifetime duration. This means the LED lighting system can easily last you up to 4-5 years or more (depending on the usage) without the need of getting any replacements. Some LED lights even come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty, which is a massive convenient factor.


  1. Better lighting performance

No matter what type of lighting systems you want to install in your office or your home, the illumination is always going to be the key factor. After all, that is the entire purpose of installing a light bulb in the first place, right? On papers, both the Toffer LED lighting and LED UFO lighting with all its power-saving and eco-friendly features may sound like the ideal lighting system for your office or warehouse, but does it deliver in terms of good illumination performance? The simple answer to that would be a resounding YES.

Practically, Troffer LED lightings have identical illumination capacity with its counterpart lighting systems such as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. But, the mechanism of light dissipation that LED lights follow makes it a superior performer.

In contrast to other lighting systems, an LED light disperses the light in a unidirectional fashion. So instead of spreading the light through a large area, the Troffer LED lighting will focus its illumination in a particular area below its location. This makes it an ideal lighting system for performing any specific task such as reading or any other ventures that require good illumination.

The Lumens per Watt output is what determines the true power of the light bulb and LED UFO lights can effectively provide up to 26,000 lumens for only a 200 watt light bulb. This makes it an extremely easy choice for people preferring the highest level of illumination for their workplace.