Things You Didn't Know About LED Lights

We round up some interesting research findings that show how right lighting can improve the health and lifestyle

With the availability of affordable LED lighting, LED lights playing an essential role contribution towards the greener cleaner environment.

LED lights are the trendy, energy saver and most commonly available in the market. After the roundup research, we came out with a few interesting unknown facts LED lights you probably never heard before.

Things You Didn't Know About LED Light Lights


Let’s find out:

  • Blue LED lights keep Fruits and Veggies fresh

Blue lights have the potential to kill bacteria. Commonly well-known brands use inside fridges to keep food fresh and odor-free. These lights have a strong antibacterial effect, especially in cold temperatures.

  • LED lights also help to get rid of Acne

Dermatologists use LED light therapy, which combines red and blue LED light to treat acne and spot. The blue light fights and kills bacteria that cause spots, while red light can reduce inflammation. In recent years many reputed brands have introduced new technologies that can be used easily at home. For example- A skincare brand Neutrogena launching at-home LED light spot treatments and masks.

  • LED lights can help plants to grow quicker and healthier

LED lights can provide useful effects in the world of plants. Switching old lamps raise the risks of heat, and thus, it can damage plants. Researchers in Australia found that the wheat grown under LED lights grows much faster than the traditional method.

  • LEDs can transfer data through Li-Fi technology

Your LED lights can soon stream your Netflix much faster than ever before. Li-Fi uses light waves as opposed to the radio waves of Wi-Fi to send out information, efficiently harnessing LED light bulbs in your home as a kind of router.

  • LEDs are cooler

While seeing the LED bulb, you could assume that it might be hot to hold. But actually it’s not, it doesn’t heat at all. So, next time, when you replace the old LED, be assured that it's not hot.

  • It’s plastic, not glass

When you see the LED bulb, you probably guess it wrong because these lamps are made of plastic, not glass. Therefore there is no possibility of break down.

  • Brightness at its best

Do you know one three CFL light brightness is equal to one LED light, LEDs lights up with full effect all at once, while CFL takes few moments to brighten up. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy a LED from a reputed brand like Hykolity, who is one of the best-LED lights manufacturers across the globe, its design is highly crafted with precision along with adequate safety measure.

Do you know each second; ten LED lights are fixed around the world. LED lights are one of the best inventions in the 21st century.


Here we listed a few essential unknown facts; we bet you have not heard this before.