Quick Comparison between LED Street Light and Traditional Lights

The light bulb is said to be the greatest invention of all time by Thomas Edison in 1879. A glass bulb which emits bright light has changed the whole scenario of technology. The electric bulb has been the greatest invention of man since the man-made fire. The bright idea had a huge impact on the way we use energy in our homes and outside.

Traditional lights, i.e., incandescent bulb or lamp, has a wire filament which is heated to much high temperature helping it to glow by producing visible light. While electric current is passed through the filament, it gets heated.

Quick Comparison between LED street light and Traditional Lights

Advantages of Traditional light bulbs

  • These traditional lights are less expensive and easier to dim with rheostats.
  • Handling is trouble-free as it can be dimmed and controlled.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Can be switched on immediately.

Drawbacks of traditional light bulbs

  • They are energy incompetent.
  • A shorter lifespan for about 1000 hours typically.
  • Requires higher operating cost,  it is fragile and hence needs to be handled delicately.
  • They generate low lumen per watt. This shows its lower efficacy.

Over the years, with the progress and advancement in technology, there have been great innovations all around the world, especially in terms of novelty of lights. Earlier, all we had was an incandescent light bulb, but with modernization, we come across LED, light emitting diodes.  While one talks about LEDs, the most important part in to analyze road light or LED street light. Different designs have been created that comprise various types of LEDs into a light fixture.

Quick Comparison between LED street light and Traditional lights

  • LED lamps have a longer lifespan and electrical efficiency than conventional lightings. These LED lights are much better than fluorescent bulbs.
  • When one talks about initial investment, LED street lights have high investments due to solar panels, battery, and LED lamps. Whereas, in conventional light it is low.
  • LED street lights are more environmentally friendly than traditional lights. As LEDs have no emission of gas or pollution.
  • Safety is quite low in traditional lights since they have wires involved which give rise to high risk of short-circuit or other accidents. LED street lights are highly safe since there are no wires associated.


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With the above information, you must have understood the working and desirability of LED lights to that of a traditional light bulb. Hence, it requires one to make a smart decision by choosing these lights.