LED-Wall Pack: 5 key Advantages of Installing LED Dusk to Dawn Lighting

The main motive of installing LED dusk to dawn lighting is to have bright lights during the night time. This will help to increase the level of safety and security in the exterior of your house. It is very important to have a sufficient amount of light for outdoor spaces. Recently the rate of burglary has increased so having a sufficient amount of light outside the house will allow having an eye on your property.

These light fixtures are regarded as floodlights whit gives broad and bright light beam which makes them ideal for illuminating huge outdoor space such as parking lots, yards and garden. For this purpose, wall pack lights are becoming extremely important.

Here are 5 key advantages that have been discussed of installing LED Dusk to dawn lighting

Illuminating multiple outdoor areas: The first and foremost benefit of dusk to dawn lighting is its flexibility. These lights are installed to illuminate the driveways or front porch of your home. It is very important to have a sufficient amount of light in your areas around you. These lights can also be used by you to brighten up sidewalks or entrances to buildings. Regardless of location Dusk to Dawn light fixtures are used for lighting huge area and consistent light coverage. You get a variety of mounting options for these lights.

Hykolity offers two easy mounting options such as wall-mount and arm mount for poles. Hence, it eliminates the problems that are commonly associated with the installation of lights generally.

Long-lasting light fixtures: People are often inclined to those items that last for a longer period so that it becomes economical. These lights are built in such a manner that these automatically last for a longer period. This is what contributes to its growing popularity. These lights built from die-cast aluminum and a characteristic of a grey polyester powder coat to offer protection from corrosion. These lights are bug sealed dustproof and weatherproof comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Importance of LED: Currently LED lights are replacing all type of traditional lights with its multiple benefits. Use of LED lights is an added feather to these lights. Application of LED lights has increased the durability and longevity of these lights. Whether you choose 70 watts or 45 watts the anticipated duration of these lights is 50,000 hours which is not less than 5 years. Dusk to dawn lights is free of heavy maintenance and there is nothing to worry about the replacement of LED wall pack lights, for the next 10 years from the time of installation.

Bright and consistent light coverage: The main motto of installing such lights is to cover a huge area so that it eliminates the reason for installing multiple lamps in the outdoor space. With the help of LED wall pack lights fixtures, you will be able to accomplish this. These lights offer a wide light beam which automatically covers a huge area. These are multi-use lights, which mean you can place them anywhere according to your choice. Due to the application of LED technology dawn to dusk light fixtures from Hykolity offer better light coverage that traditional light options. In fact, they consume less energy making it more efficient.

Having activated Motion sensor: These lights are motion sensor activated which makes it more efficient than those traditional lights. This feature of these lights increases the level of safety making it more preferable.