LED Shop Light Low Bay:  Solid Reasons to Use LED Lighting on Store

In most retail stores, energy expenses take almost 50% of the total monthly expenses. Other than the energy expenses, there is also the matter of the operating and maintenances expanses. Several retail stores might use CFL bulbs as one of the cost-effective alternatives to traditional lighting methods. But installing LED light would give the maximum cost efficiency to the retail stores.

Installing LED ceiling lights would be expensive but its long term benefits would make the initial investment. These lights would save offer several additional in the later period in multiple methods. Here are some of the reasons why you might install LED lighting in your store.

LED Lighting

Environment-friendly nature

Another important reason for using LEDs in your store would be its eco-friendly nature. None of the LED light would have any trace of toxic elements in it. Even in the traditional fluorescent light strip uses toxic chemicals such as Mercury for illumination purpose. When they would be disposed of, they would contaminate their surrounding area due to the presence of toxic chemicals.  

Therefore, special disposing steps need to be taken for avoiding any bio-hazard. But in the case of LED lighting, there are no toxic chemicals in it and disposing of old lights would not need any special measures.

Low Heat Generation

One of the major reasons to install LED lights in the retail store would be the fact that they generate less heat when compared to traditional lights. In traditional lights, 90% of the energy would be wasted as the heat energy of the lights. Even CFL shop lights would consume about 80% of the total consumed energy in the form of heat.

But in the case of LED lights, there is no loss of energy in the form of heat. Even after the long duration of operation, the user would be able to touch without feeling hotness.

LED lights are long-lasting

When compared with traditional lights, LED lights are would last longer than anyone would expect. LED lights are more efficient and would need frequent changing like traditional lights. Every LED linear light are specially designed in such a way that they would last for at least 50,000 operational hours.

Whereas in the traditional lighting system, the bulbs generally contain filaments that could fail unexpectedly. That means the user can’t use the blub for a longer period of time while LED would remain operational for 24/7 for at least five years. A long-lasting shell life would remove the need for expenses required for changing their traditional lighting system.

High illumination power

High illumination power of LED lights makes them one of the popular options as shop light fixtures. LEDs have better lighting distribution capabilities and would generally focus on one direction only. In the case of traditional lightning methods, it would also illuminate those areas where light is not required.

In the market, you would find also find several kinds of LED lights for commercial purposes. Each of the LED would have different hour life and color temperature rating. The rating would range from 2200K for cool light to 5500K for warm lights.

Thus, we conclude that implementing LED for retail would help the business owner to save lots of money by lowering his or her electricity bill. LEDs are an effective solution that would not only save money but would save electricity. Thus, instead of implementing traditional lighting methods, install LED lights for your retail stores.