How LED Lights are Improving Work Place

Do you know as per the latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spent on average approx 87% of their life indoors.  It is not a good number, but the majority of people lie within this status.


LED Light for Work Space

Proper lighting is the key to productivity in office environments, often determines the perception, mood, and performance of employees. A study by American interior society found:

  • 25% report losing 15 minutes per day due to eye focusing problems. This is equivalent to one and a half weeks each year.
  • 69% of employees complain about the light in their workspace.
  • 75% report that they could be more efficient and productive with better light.
  • 30% suffer from headaches due to eyestrain.

Therefore, it is necessary to install LED lights and replace outdated fluorescent lighting. In this article, we bring out the benefits of using adequate LED lighting in offices or workplaces.

Let’s find out the appropriate benefits:

  • Safety

The LED lights are brighter, clearer, and longer lifespan. Therefore it helps people to be more aware. The emergency exit is designed with red LED lights because it is clear, brighter, and easy to read even from a distance. It is critical during an emergency that stairwells and exits are well lit to ensure everyone’s safety.


  • LED lighting regulates Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms are one of the important parts of our biological process that influences the physiological process. Lighting is an influence of circadian rhythms, but old traditional lighting products weren’t designed keeping them in mind. Thankfully, modern and advanced, LED lighting products are.

In offices and other workplaces, circadian lighting plays an essential role in employee productivity and health. Modern LED lights are planned and designed with a circadian rhyme in mind. The latest study found that Office workers exposed to circadian lighting performed 10 to 25% better than their counterparts.


  • LEDs are energy efficient

Yes, these lights are energy saving up to 80% of your light bill. LED lights are replacing the old traditional CFL lights. Corporate offices, where lighting is required 24/7. Power saving is the major reason why businesses are making provision of using LED lighting in new projects and replacing the old traditional lights.


  • LED lights produce less heat

LED lights are safe to use, and it plays a significant role and a step towards a greener planet. The total heat generated from lighting units come together to influence the temperature in the office. Traditional lights produce more heat, which therefore it often pushes air conditioners to cool, which make them consume more energy.


  • Eco-friendly LED

Each year the carbon emission of LED light is 514 lbs as per a report in the US, which is much lower in comparison to carbon emissions of bulbs. Higher the carbon emission, greater the harm to the environment

In coming days more advanced LEDs can knock the door, but current LEDs are more useful and more energy saving than any other lights available in the market.

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Spread brightness with LED lights.