Here’s an Overview of Common LED dimming Issues and what are they?

Our average workday increased after the inventors gave rise to something which impacted people all around the world. Around 150 years ago, there had been a global change with the invention of the light bulb. Introduction to CFLs made life easier. These CFLs were solely designed to replace an incandescent light bulb.

The growing population of India up to 1.3 billion, it plans to be the world’s first country to use light-emitting diodes or LEDs. Hence, LED lights were preferred choice in both the domestic sector as well as industries to save a huge amount of electricity, which resulted in phasing out of CFLs.

Advantages of LED lights

  • LED lights prove to be 80% more efficient than any traditional lighting. It is to be noted that 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat.
  • It is owing to the lifespan of LEDs, which help in saving money due to its low maintenance and negligible replacement cost.  

Disadvantages of LED lights

  • It is the norm of the universe that every significant thing comes with a bane. While LED light saves the world, on the one hand, such eco-friendly LEDs may damage our eyes on the other.  Studies have revealed that these lights cause irreparable harm to the retina.
  • LED lights cause uneasiness due to the constant glare. It is incredibly concentrated and has blue content which grounds for severe glare, consequentially giving rise to papillary constriction in the eyes.
  • The constant flickering of LED could cause headaches, nausea, eyestrain, and more.

LED dimmer: A new adoption

The massive LED light issue leads to the acceptance of dimmer LED lightings, which has been a new adoption by consumers. Compared to CFLs, LED lightings offer numerous energy-saving benefits. People are inclined to buy lamps that look like incandescent lamps making a comfortable change. It is only by dimming LEDs that one could increase work efficiency, or save energy.

Problems tend to emerge throughout the history of lights with the development of new products that happen to be consumer friendly. The issue surrounding LED dimming has suddenly taken place. The LED that we use might sometime flicker or flash when paired with other dimmer switches.

Here’s an Overview of Common LED dimming Issues and what are they?

Here are a few symptoms that address the dimmer compatibility issue:

  • Dead Travel – When the lamp does not respond to the adjustment, one makes on the dimmer switch.
  • Ghosting – This takes place when one has dimmed the lamp down, yet they continue to produce a certain amount of light.
  • Flickering – Rapid and sporadic pulsing of lamps when paired with dimmer switches.
  • Flashing – This ensures that the continuous infrequent symptom results in bad LED dimming. The lights automatically turn off and on when paired with dimmer control.
  • Strobing – When a lamp rhythmically flashes at a lesser speed than a flicker.

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