Do LED lights still work efficiently in extremely cold temperatures?

The biggest advantage of LED lights is that it has a long life and they encounter absolutely zero problems when they come in very cold temperature.  On the contrary, they become more efficient as the ambient temperature gets lower. A 14watt LED is equivalent to a 75watt incandescent. In this case, there is a 4watt advantage in energy efficiency compared to CFL.

Probably by now, you must be aware of the advantages of LED lights these days. A recently LED light with its versatile feature has successfully made a good market. In comparison to fluorescent bulbs, we already know that LED lights are energy and cost-efficient contributing to its popularity. It is also regarded as a safer alternative for the environment. Besides, this did you know that these lights can also sustain extreme weather conditions?

Yes, you absolutely heard it right. LED lamps are an incredibly beneficial light source that you can be considered for your property and home blindly, mainly in the freezing winter months. So, it can be said that LED lights below freezing point deliver you the same amount of efficiency.

The performance of LED in cold weather conditions

Since we have mentioned that LED lights work even in extreme weather conditions so lets us take a closer look at all the advantages LEDs have to offer to get you through the harsh winter of the year

Extended lifespan: the technology that has been used in making LED lights have offered a much longer lifespan than the traditional bulbs, mainly exposed to the extreme weather. Cold weather wears on electric bulbs very quickly due to their excess emission of heat that causes them to bust with the drop in the temperature. LED lights do not encounter such problems. They do not emit heat like other electric bulbs do and hence able to easily withstand harsh transitions between cold and hot.

Low maintenance: by replacing your normal bulbs with LEDs, you can eliminate the need of replacing your bulb every 6 months which help to save you both money and time. This becomes incredibly important during the harsh weather of winter. It is the time when I guess you will not want to spend a lot of times out on a ladder in a few feet of snow and freezing winds just to replace the bulb of your exterior light fixture. Residential LED lights are favourable than traditional bulbs in all respect.

High efficiency: LED system offers you a high level of efficiency. When the mercury on the thermometer drops below freezing point, electric bulbs have to use more power to emit heat in order to produce sufficient light. On the other hand, LED is high-efficiency light sources that can even work under extreme forces. They do not have to give extra effort in order to produce more light. The reason behind this is that they are already built for such drastic changes in temperature making them the perfect option for exterior lighting around your property and home. Moreover, they also come in all sorts of wattage options for various needs. Commercial LED lights will do the same.

Brighter lighting: with LED lights you can enjoy clear visibility and brighter emission making it a perfect combination for gloomy and darker winter ahead and also for navigating in extreme weather conditions. It does not need a great amount of power in order to produce a brighter light. Even the smallest watt LED bulbs can produce 30lm/W.