The hidden dangers of fluorescent lighting

There is no surprise that UV lighting can be harmful and has been linked to many discomforts including headaches, dizziness and even diseases like cancer.  Many still associate the UV lights to tanning beds but many are exposed to this harmful light everyday without even knowing it.

There had been suspicions that fluorescent light bulbs like the ones found inside most buildings and offices gave off UV radiation.  These statements were often dismissed by fluorescent lighting manufacturers but have now admitted that indeed the bulbs give off a low amount of UV radiation.

A research study at Stony Brook University tested fluorescent light bulbs in a random method and found that the exposure can be strong enough that caused cellular skin burn.  Even minimal exposure to the UV rays done over time can accumulate and cause damage in the long run.  UV radiation can be a great risk as it is often linked with one of the deadliest cancers, melanoma.

There are enough dangers and many people are not aware of the exposure they go through every day at home or at work.  There are some ways that this danger can be minimized, as the FDA has suggested to making sure fluorescent bulbs have a thicker or additional coating to minimize the exposure to UV radiation.  Researchers have also stated that keeping a fair distance can help reduce the risk of the UV radiation as well. 

However, there are other options which include getting rid of the fluorescent lighting and retrofitting all the lights to use LEDs instead.  LEDs are the safest of the lighting options and do not give off any UV radiation.

No matter what you choose, be cautious of the hidden factors that you are exposed to every day.  To get more information about retrofitting to LED visit


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