What are High Bay Lights used for?

As their name say, high-bay lights are used for large spaces with high ceilings. That typically implies ceiling heights going from 20 feet to around 45 feet. This requires powerful incredible lighting to provide the appropriate foot-candle levels to illuminate.

By definition, High bay lights is a powerful light source that can brighten up a large space are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses.They have many applications over a scope of businesses, including workshops, production lines,assembly lines and factories. Also, you can find high bay lights in large recreational facilities and gyms. Because of their IP65 water-resistant rating,they are excellent for illuminating storage facilities and warehouses.

High bay lights are available in different fitting and reflector types, ranging from LEDs to  fluorescent tubes, metal halide bulbs, and plasma lamps. Different sorts of fixture and reflectors positions will deliver different results, from more diffuse glow spread over a wider area,more intense overhead spotlighting effects to a softer..