Types of LEDs

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device consist of P-N Junction diode which helps to emit light. You can find LEDs products everywhere like in automobiles, commercial building, industries, warehouse, mobile phone, TV and many more.


Also, LED products are known for durability, low power consumption, Long lasting and energy efficient which are advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs. Due to these advantages, LEDs are quite popular and have a wide implementation of LED products.


Types of LEDs

SMD (Surface Mount Light Emitting Diodes)


SMD stands for surface mounted device and there are easily mounted on PCB. There are differentiated by physical sizes or dimension. LED bulbs contain SMD chips gives additional brightness and used for household and offices purpose.


Through-hole LEDs

Through-hole LEDs are available in a different colour, sizes and shapes and the most commons are 3mm,5mm and 8mm LEDs.


Bi-color and Tri-color LED

As the name defines it can emit two colours. Bi-color LEDs have three leads, two anodes and one cathode. The colour will be activated Depending on the configuration of the leads.


Similarly, tri-color LEDs consist of two light-emitting diodes in one casing. The difference is tri-color consist of 3 leads – 2 outer leads common anodes at either side of a central common lead or cathode. With this design, both diodes can either be lit at the same time or separately, producing a third colour.



RGB LEDs are known as Red – Blue – Green LED  are the most favourite and popular LEDs among designers.  RGB contains 3 LEDs on a single chip, we can control the output to produce a wide range of colours.  Electronic circuits are used to control the output like mixing of colours and diffusion which offer marvellous control of the emitted colours to users.


High – Power LEDs

High power LEDs are often called high-output and they produce a huge number of lumens. Also, high-power LEDs have a power rating equal to or greater than 1 watt. Due to these benefits, they are used in spotlights, automobile headlamps, flashlights and many more. As the power emission is high, therefore heat sink is required for proper cooling.