Spacing Guidelines for Soffit Lighting

Usually the Soffit lights are installed either as ambient lights or in some cases as accent lights as well. On the other hand, the beam angle plays an important role and the wattage of the Soffit lighting. Generally the spacing of the first row of lights is half from the total distance of the ceiling. To determine a great spacing for these lights, a minimum 50 degrees beam angle should be there for ambient lighting. Whereas Hykolity’s 20 W Soffit light has a beam angle of 120 degrees coming with adjustable illumination as required.

Moreover, with 2205 lumen of brightness, a single unit of Soffit if placed on front door top, it can brighten up the whole space quite effectively. More Soffit lighting ideas can be exercised according to the spacing guidelines, for example, for lighting an area with large walls, the distance between the fixtures has to be corresponding to their distance from the wall. This will ensure an even and correct spread of light.

Hykolity’s 36 W low bay canopy lighting can be a perfect exterior Soffit lighting placement. Its beam angle stays 120 degrees, but having 4000 lumen in this wattage, this can be a solution for exterior spacing of fixtures. Unlike the conventional lights with higher beam patterns and low lumen, these units of Soffit lights can be installed in less numbers and broader distances from one light to another to create the desired effect of lighting.