Parking Lots and Basements Lighting Solutions

A well-lit parking lot or basement ensures the safety of the people residing in or visiting the building. No matter the parking lot is in the basement or surface, lighting is usually a major concern. Here are some options from Hykolity that will ensure optimum lighting for your parking lot or basement.

  1. LED Parking Lot Light

Uneven lighting is a commonly found issue in most of the parking lots and basements. Certain areas are super illuminated whereas others are dark. Hykolity LED parking lot light is the optimum lighting solution for your parking area or basement. With LED parking lot light you will not only contribute towards energy conservation but also save on your electricity bills. They are weatherproof.

  1. LED Security Light

The LED security lights are downward shining bright lights that ensure safety and help control accidents and thefts. These are the best lights to enhance security as they trace infrared signals and detect unauthorized intrusion. They are IP65 waterproof rated and their heavy-duty die-cast aluminum makes them weather resistant. The photocells automatically turn them on during the night and turn off during the day.

  1. LED Wall Pack Light

The LED wall pack lights provide visually comforting light that is uniformly distributed. Its heavy-duty aluminum cover and IP65 waterproof rating make it weatherproof. Its 5000K white light is diffused and evenly distributed by its polycarbonate lens. They are long-lasting and involve no maintenance costs.  

  1. LED Canopy Light

The LED canopy lights are perfect for parking area or basement and require no maintenance. These LED lights give a bright light output while saving significantly on your electricity bills. This weatherproof lighting is IP65 waterproof rated. These lights can be supported by either direct surface mounting or pendant mounting.