Modern Lighting Ideas for Offices & Workstations

It’s a commonly known fact that the lighting does affect the productivity levels of the employees. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully plan the lighting to create a highly professional work environment. Hykolity has some of the best lighting options that serve the purpose.

  1. LED Recessed Downlight

LED recessed downlights to add an architectural touch to the office space. Hykolity gives offers a variety of choices in color temperatures and sizes. It gives a 3000K-5000K LED bright light.

  1. LED Architectural Linear Light

The LED architectural linear lights are perfectly designed for a professional set up with a modern touch. These pendant lights hanging down from the ceiling creates adds to the architectural feel of the space. It gives out 5000K white light. It consumes 40W-50W and gives an output of 4600lm-5500lm. You can set the brightness as desired by simply attaching a dimmer to it.  

  1. Wraparound Shop Light Fixture

The wraparound shop lights run up to 50000 hours with no maintenance required. You can install these lights by yourself as it includes the necessary hardware. By consuming just 40W-50W of power, it produces 4000lm-5500lm of output. These highly efficient lights spread the light evenly throughout the room.

  1. LED shop Light Low Bay

These lights are widely used in various setups. They give out the perfect amount of light that is required at the workplace. They consume 40W-60W and give an output of 4000K white light. It lasts longer and saves on your electricity bills. These lights create a relaxed environment and this is exactly why you must have these in the office.