Mistakes to avoid when upgrading to LED

LED lighting is a smart investment that saves money and improves the facility at the same time. It is necessary to research beforehand to avoid mistakes when upgrading to LED.

The first step would be to call a professional for an On-Site Audit. it sure is an investment to hire a Lighting Expert and that's why also the most neglected step. A Lighting Expert can give a different perspective and also answer all the questions on has in mind. An Expert can answer questions like How should the light fall in this particular area? Does it give customers a great visual experience?  Does the lighting achieve the correct mood, look and feel to promote safety and productivity? How much amount of money can be saved by avoiding the periodic facility shut-down for re-lamping and disposal of metal halide bulbs?

It is important for the Expert to know the operations of the space: How many people, What tasks, How many hours, Which equipments, etc.,  to help determine the right way of fixating them.  Other common mistakes are buying lights which are too dark or too bright, lights which are too ‘cold’, lights which are incompatible with their dimmer or that They don’t ‘future proof’ the installation.