Living Room Lighting Ideas

A living room is that space of the home where the members gather to spend time together, watching TV, movies together, or share their stories. A living room is a place where the members of the family bond together. Have you ever wondered how the lightings of the room can affect the way you feel and the way you behave? Lighting plays a crucial role in affecting our mood. Therefore, choosing the right kind of light for your living room is very important. Hykolity presents a wide variety of lighting options that are perfect to create a positive aura in your living room.

Let’s explore some of the options.

  1. LED Saturn Ceiling Light

The LED Saturn ceiling lights produce a 4000K bright light. It fills the room with clear white light. This makes it a very positive space for reading books, having conversations or just lounging.

  1. Wall Sconces

Wall scones are the best choice for lighting up your living room, preferably the hallway (that leads to your living room).  Its 850-lumen output is the most ideal to brighten up narrow areas. They create a cozy environment.

  1. LED retrofits

With its 5000K white light, the LED retrofit light is sure to brighten up your living room. A 2X2 LED troffer retrofit kit, consists of 2 LED troffer strips that are powered by high efficacy LED diodes that run on as low as 30W of power.  

  1. LED Slim Panel Light

If you are looking for a well-lit atmosphere in your living room, the LED slim panel lights would be a perfect choice. Its 4000K white light is bright and clear, making it suitable for reading books or doing any household chores. It also adds a stylish and modern touch to your living room.

These are the some of the best options for your living room to make it something like a fairy tale dream home.