Light-emitting diode Color Light

The future of the lighting is LED. LED color light has specific color due to a specific wavelength which emit many light colours such as red, blue, green or yellow.

LED color light emits different color depending on the semiconductor material. LED semiconductors contain mixtures of components like phosphides or arsenides. There are varied mixtures, everyone that releases variable amounts of energy per the semiconductor material's bandgap. Once charge carriers are recombined, photons are emitted per specific separate energy levels. This specifies a specific light color. as an example, it gives red light if a lower level of energy is emitted.


LED color Lights in commercial space

At first, place, Implementing the ideal lighting design for a commercial space is important, as it can affect the atmosphere of the workplace. Choosing the right LED lighting colors with lighting design which provide a feeling of comfort, safety, well-being, creativity and productivity. Thus, different areas require different levels of light.