LED Lighting vs Fluorescent Lighting

The LED Lights is environment-friendly than fluorescent because it works at much lower temperatures without emission of mercury. Linear LED tubes come in a few varieties –– plug-and-play, ballast bypass, remote driver, and some combinations of these configurations, making it possible to go LED in linear fixtures designed for fluorescent, with ballasts and all. Still, the common question arrives LED Lighting is best over fluorescent lighting?

Here have a look at the advantages and disadvantage of LED and Fluorescent Lighting.

Linear fluorescent Advantages:

Linear fluorescent is so popular due to their properties like more lumen output and long lifespan you get for a very low up-front cost. It is easier to replace an existing linear fluorescent with a new one. The average lifespan of fluorescent is about 20,000 hours with the right ballast combination can last up to 90,000 hours which is impressive.

Linear fluorescent Disadvantages:

The linear fluorescent bulb consists of mercury which is toxic metal for the environment, which is their biggest disadvantage. Although the fluorescent bulb is more efficient than halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs but less efficient than LED bulbs. Colour variation and fading is experience after some time which eventually create dark corner area and inconsistent lighting.

LED Advantages:

The average lifespan of LEDs is 50,000 hrs which loses their lumen output after 10 years. The biggest advantage of LED Lighting is energy saving as compared to fluorescent lighting. LEDs consist of semiconductor, which means there is no sign of mercury, making them an environment-friendly choice. LEDs lighting come in different types as lamp, fixture and drivers etc. When it comes to replacement of fluorescent to LED Lights, it is an easy installation and for these process need less maintenance cost.

LED Disadvantage:

The biggest drawback of LED lighting is high price than fluorescent lighting. However, they are cost effective for their longer lifespan. Other ways to save money ---over ballast or drivers --highly efficient and increase the lifespan of LEDs.

If up-front cost is your biggest concern then fluorescent lighting is the best choice but you want maximum energy saving over a longer period of time then LED Lighting is the right choice for you.