LED dimmer compatibility issues

Nowadays, LED Lights are a popular cause of their quality of long lifespan, energy savings and new fixture choices that change them to be utilized in any application. These benefits guarantee a powerful future for LED lights, however, there are challenges related to uses of LEDs to fulfil customer expectations.

LED dimmer compatibility issues

Compatibility between LED fixture, drivers, and controls are often confusing, and if they're not fit properly, it will hamper their performance. Before buying any LEDs products take things into consideration such as application, control preference and requirement dimming performance.

Dimming range:

Not all LED products are the same. The dimming range of LED products depends on the driver. To avoid flicker, pop-on, or drop-out, choose the proper driver and control of LED products. If an LED product does not specify the dimming range, then it is better to contact the manufacturer for dimming pieces of information.

Number of Fixtures connected to one dimmer:

It is important to know how an LED load might have an effect on the reliability of the dimmer. Applying Incandescent dimmer to LED loads will give a poor performance and also reduce lifespan. All dimmers have a particular range that must not exceed, nowadays which are the common problems.

As we know Technologies area are improving, control and driver options are increasing,  public knowledge is increasing, and LEDs will currently be effectively utilized in nearly any style of application for industrial, commercial and residential.