How to wire up a Pull Switch for your home Light Fixtures

If you are someone who loves to read in bed before going to sleep or want to conveniently turn on a ceiling light on or off, a pull switch for your home can be awfully convenient. A great thing about ceiling light fixtures is that you can modify them to your convenience with little or no effort.

wire up a Pull Switch


There are not too many tools that you would need and the whole process should take an hour at best.

Step 1: Cut off all supply to the ceiling fixture by turning off the switch from your circuit breaker

Step 2: Remove the ceiling fixture after carefully removing all wire connectors. Keep the open wires twisted for convenience.

Step 3: Unscrew the bulb from the fixture and pull the bulb socket free. Remove the top of the socket where the wires enter either by unscrewing a screw or by pulling off the top of the socket, depending on the design of your fixture.

Step 4: Try to figure out where you want to pull a switch that to be inserted. You need to carefully drill a hole so the attachment goes right through your ceiling light fixture.

    Step 5: Pass the chain through the hole you just made and tighten the switch using the provided nut.

    Step 6: Pass both black wires through the hole and replace the top of the socket. After you are done, start connecting one of the switch’s black wires to one of the house wirings. Do the same for the white wires. Finally, connect both the ground wires with each other and you are done.

    Step 7: Screw the whole fixture back into place and restore power from the circuit breaker.

    That’s all you need to do to get a pull switch for your home light fixtures up and running!


    Wiring Your Home: How to Wire Light Fixtures by  ehowhome


    Source: HomeSteady