Hotels Lighting Solutions

The main objective of any hotel business is to acquire customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is determined by the customer experience. Lightings that can be controlled and set as per the taste of the customers is the key to customer experience. Here are some lighting options that are perfect for hotels.

  1. LED Corn Light Bulb

You can opt for a 20W or 80W LED corn light bulb depending on the area of space you intend to light up. By replacing the old bulbs with an 80W LED corn bulb, you save up to 82% on your electricity expenses. With a 20W LED corn bulb, you get a 2400lms of output and 5000K white light, and with 80W LED corn bulb you get an output 8400lms of output and 5700K bright light. They create a bright refreshing ambiance.

  1. LED Troffer Panel Light

You would never repent investing in the highly efficient Hykolity LED Troffer panel lights. These stylish looking lights give an output of 4680lm-6500lm on the power of 36W-50W. It gives bright 4000K-5000K white light that is evenly distributed throughout the area by the convex polycarbonate lens.

  1. LED Canopy Lights

The LED canopy lights are perfect to brighten up the entryway and parking lot of a hotel. They promise a long life and hardly require any maintenance. The LED canopy lights will make huge savings on your electricity bills. They have an IP65 rating for water resistance. They can be installed by pendant mounting or through direct surface mounting.

  1. Ceiling Lights

These LED ceiling lights are sure to add an elegant touch to the hotel rooms. Its white lens is designed to diffuse the light evenly throughout the space. Its Triac dimming feature makes it compatible with most of the latest LED dimmers.