Flickering LED Lights: Troubleshooting

By switching to LED Lighting, you may have thought the flickering issue may longer exist, but its not. LED lighting due sometimes flicker, blink, or even fail on performance. Let us know the reason behind flickering of LED Lighting

The first step to identifying the issue  to evaluate your current setup. Check your lamps, ballast/driver, wires for any bad connections or loose wires. Addressing a power-connection  or loose wire issue to the driver circuit will resolve the flickering issue.

Also,  If  wiring and connections are working situation, then flickering issue may be solved by checking for incompatible switches. To test if your switches are causing the flickering in your LED lighting, test your switches by replacing with a traditional incandescent bulb.If your application requires dimming, there are LED dimming switches available.

In many cases, the flickering of a LED may be due to driver components inside the lamp.Controlled output current can be use to reduce the risk of flickering. 

An equivalent series resistance (ESR) is a change happen in a lamp cheaper components.  A relaxation oscillator is an electrical effect which causes power issues and flickering of an LED Lighting. Here we know how and why LED lights flicker and what may cause of flicker