Factories/ Industrial LED Lighting Ideas

High heat and explosion-proof LED lights are essential to ensure safety, security, and productivity in a factory or industrial area. It supports a better work and life condition. This, in turn, leads to workplace satisfaction of the employees and increases their commitment towards work. Hykolity presents the best lighting solutions for a factory setting.

  1. LED High Bay Light

A factory or an industrial set up requires a durable lighting system. The LED high bay light gives output at 110 degrees beam angle to meet the needs of the workspace. Its 5000K white light is evenly distributed. Its high efficacy LEDs create better working conditions and improve productivity. It delivers a long-lasting high performance which is why more and more factory owners are upgrading their factory lightings to LED high bay lights. You can either follow the easy installation process by mounting it with the help of its chain and hook or purchase a pendant kit. The LED high bay lights are the best options for quick and easy conversion of your factory or industrial lightings.

  1. LED UFO Light

The LED UFO light acts as a relief for the factory or industrial company owners who are concerned about reducing the operational costs. It produces light in 110 degrees beam angle to create a professional ambiance that increases the productivity of the laborers. It provides 5000K white light at a reduced energy consumption rate. It gives bright light without any glare. This helps reduce common mistakes in a factory or industrial workplace. It is water-resistant. Its die-cast aluminum builds with hollow designs cause heat dissipation which makes these LEDs last longer. It can be directly mounted with the help if it’s hanging hook or you can purchase an adapter and a pendant pole for mounting.