Doors & Entrances Ways Lighting Options

A well-lit entranceway creates a warm and welcoming look. The outdoor lights at the doors and entranceways are the ones that help find access to the house/office/hotels etc. Hykolity presents a wide variety of lightings that are apt for doors and entranceways.

  1. LED Security Lights

These LED security lights are in high demand today and are perfect for doors. Their bright light gives a clear view of the path. They can also be used in the yard. They are rated IP65 waterproof and are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. The built-in photocell automatically turns it on at night and turns off during the day. Its infrared signals trace unwanted intrusions.

  1. LED Mini Wall Pack

The LED mini wall pack gives a 3900lm bright light which is diffused by the polycarbonate lens. The built-in photocell automatically turns it on during the night and turns it off during the day. You can connect it externally through the entry port in the PC lens. They are dustproof and waterproof and hence suitable for outdoor locations.

  1. LED Canopy Lights

The Hykolity LED canopy lights provide 4800lm-8400lm bright light that is required to light up exteriors. It is rated IP66 waterproof and can be used in wet locations. It consists of CREE COB LED chips of top quality. It consumes 40W-70W of power. It can be installed by pendant mounting or direct surface mounting.

  1. LED Landscape Lights

The LED landscape lights are perfect for entrance way paths. They are weather-resistant and highly durable. It lasts for up to 50000 hours and saves 80% of the power. It gives 3000K output. Hykolity gives you a choice of LED landscape lights that consume 3W, 4.5W, 10W and 13.3W that give an output of 150lm, 205lm, 390lm, and 540lm respectively.