Does 100W UFO LED High Bay Light have a fan, if so is it noise?

UFO LED lights are mainly used for commercial purposes hence it is designed accordingly. Previously we noticed that these lights have the potential of illuminating a larger area depending on the beam angle. This means that if it has an angle of 120 degrees then it will be able to cover a large area.  

Apart from that the main feature of these lights is their chip. UFO LED High Bay Light has light bead model SMD3030 from EPISTAR. With the help of these chips, brighter light is offered as compared to MH fixture. So, we can clearly see the features that it contains and how efficiently it works.

These types of lights are mainly used in mining, gas station, grocery stores and factories where sufficient light is required to see the objects. The reason for using these lights includes that it helps in reducing the consumption of energy, it also helps in saving energy, it has a wider beam balance and non-toxic lightning output. These are the features that make it more preferred light.

Now let us come to the main question which is does 100W UFO LED High Bay Light have a fan if so is it noise? To answer this question only one thing can be said that 100 watts LED high bay UFO light has a hot circular effect and consists of a heat dissipation structure. These properties of the light can easily handle the noise. This has completely eliminated the need for fans in the lighting source.