Current Trend in Lighting and LED market

LED lighting solutions are 10 times enhanced than incandescent solutions. These illuminating product is classified into basic led, high brightness led, Organic led (OLED), and others. Basic lightweight emitting diode is estimated to carry the biggest market share because of several options like low value, light weight, heat range, and shorter latent period.

OLED lighting is projected to exhibit a big CAGR of over 23.0% from 2017 to 2025. It permits higher contrast and increased brightness. Moreover, a large viewing angle still as big selection of picture element sizes offered by OLED fixtures is driving demand inside the market.


Current Trends in lighting-

Landscape – oriented lighting - Linear ceiling fixtures that span the dimension of the space are feeling contemporary as opposed to the standard vertical drop. Look for clean lined, simple fixtures with exposed bulbs to actually emphasize this trend.

Integrated LED lighting - These LED fixtures may re arrange LED ready fixtures, but the similarities end there.  Integrated LED fixtures are come complete with the LED light arrays already made into the fixture.  They are designed to give  a specific color and Lumen output and they don’t have typical “bulbs” that can be changed.

 Natural fiber lamps - Natural fibers lamps are hair-like raw materials that are regularly filaments like pieces of thread. Two types of fibers are available in market: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. These natural fibers can be drill  in to filaments, threads or ropes. Now a days these natural fibers are being used in the textiles, building, plastics and automotive industries

LED Lighting - In the regular terms, a LED is a semiconductor device that produce  light when an electric current  is seasoned  through it. Light is generated when the particles that carry the current  together within the semiconductor material.