Common Issues with LED High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lightning are generally used for indoor lighting's. It is commonly placed or mounted via a pendant, chain or directly to a ceiling. Even though  High Bay Lightings are gaining popularity there are few common issues.

As the rule goes The higher the light wattage the higher the light output. LED Lights tend to unnecessarily inflate energy costs because High bay and low bay lights range from 175 watts to 1000 watts depending on the fixture and application.  In addition to the high energy costs, maintenance costs are also main factor. Users also happen to experience lighting issues such as flickering because of their poor design

Price can also be a big disadvantage of LED lights. Even though the prices are declining day by day it is still a bit higher than other styles of lighting. The more the LED lamps are used, they themselves can begin to degrade in terms of the color quality of the light produced.