Commercial LED Lights vs Residential LED Lights

Unlike some product, with lights or lighting systems, what you see isn't very what you get. A luminaire (fixture) or light (bulb) that appears virtually identical from a distance can be fully completely different once you open up them.


The main difference between Commercial and Residential LED Lighting is energy level. Home has less energy as compared to commercial properties. Therefore the number of fixtures and lumen output are limited.

Desired effect

The main purpose of Residential LED Lighting to create the environment of warm and coziness whereas commercial LED Lighting intends to be more focus and creative and draw more attention.

LED Lighting: Residential vs Commercial

Budget: Residential LED Lighting generally needs low cost as per space and energy whereas commercial LED Lighting initial budget of installation will be high.

LIfespan:  REsidential LED Lighting life cycle as compared to commercial will be less.

Energy Saving: GEnerally energy saving of Residential LED Lighting is less whereas more option of energy saving for commercial LED Lighting.

Application: Residential LED Lighting has limited application as per need of consumer whereas Commercial LED Lighting has variety and specialized applications.