Alleyways/Modern Street Lighting Ideas

A well-lit street is a basic necessity to keep a city safe. The modern LED lights consume less energy and have a longer lifespan as compared to their alternatives. Hykolity presents the best lighting solutions that resolve all your alleyway/street lighting issues.

  1. LED Barn Light

The LED barn light is one of the most durable and energy-conserving street lights you can ever opt for. It is the perfect light to illuminate a street. Its 5000K white light spread in 120 degrees beam angle directs the light to focus on the required area. Its water and dust resistant material protect it from harsh conditions. Its die-casting aluminum cover supports heat dissipation and thus keeps it safe, reliable and enhances performance. It would be beneficial for you to buy mounting arms along with these lights as they would help in mounting these lights on poles. They have built-in photocells which means they are automatically turned off when the sunlight hits its surface and turned on when there is darkness. These lights work well in wet locations too! Hykolity makes the whole installation process easier by providing the fitter clamp, cord protector and mounting hardware in the package.

  1. LED Corn Bulb

LED corn bulb is the right pick if you are looking for energy-efficient lights for the alleyway/street. A 20W LED corn bulb produces 2400lm of output. Its 5000K white light could be an ideal replacement for a high lumen light. It has an aluminum heatsink that causes heat dissipation which helps to maintain the life of the LED chips. It has a polycarbonate body which has more aesthetic and functional advantages. Its E26 mogul base is considered as the “standard” light bulb base. LED corn bulbs are one of the highly demanded lights today.