Airplane Hangar Lighting

An airplane hangar must be equipped with high-quality lights that produce adequate levels of light that are required for the maintenance and repair of airplanes. Compromising on the quality of lighting in an airplane hangar, where visibility is a prime concern, can result in serious safety issues. If you are planning to replace your inefficient hangar lights with good LED lights, Hykolity has the best lighting solutions for you!

  1. LED High Bay Light

The Hykolity LED bay light produces long-lasting and efficient lighting. It directs light at 110 degrees beam angle to ensure energy efficiency and produce appropriate levels of light. The light is distributed equally to enhance security and visibility. It consists of a frosted diffuser lens. It provides uniform color rendering that helps in finding defects and repairing of the airplanes. It’s 5000K bright light is perfect to enhance the aircraft maintenance activities at an airplane hangar with high bay ceilings. Its installation process is pretty simple; just mount it with the help of the hook and the chain or you can purchase the pendant kit separately.

  1. LED UFO Light

The Hykolity LED UFO lights are perfect to illuminate the large vertical space of an airplane hangar. Mount these lights at the top of the airplane hangar to get a bright illumination at 110 degrees beam angle that creates a good environment for the maintenance and cleaning of airplanes. It’s 5000K white light creates a professional ambiance to enhance the performance of the employees inside an airplane hangar. It’s die-cast aluminium build with hollow design supports heat dissipation. It is water-resistant as well. You can either directly mount it through its hanging hook or purchase an adaptor and a pendant pole.