Hykolity LED Lighting is your source for commercial and industrial LED light fixtures. In 2011, we set out to make illumination brighter, more accessible, and hassle-free. We’ve been providing contractors, building managers, and business professionals with the lighting they need to complete projects and illuminate workspaces. The Hykolity name comes from our goal to deliver high-quality lighting fixtures that are as persevering as those who work under them.

With our understanding of LED lighting benefits, we offer a growing number of products fit for commercial and industrial applications. In addition, our LED light fixtures are eligible for energy rebate programs, making the switch to LED more affordable!

Today Hykolity is one of the most recognized brands in the industry thanks to our economical prices and excellent customer service.


We advocate green living and energy saving, using LED lighting as a staple product for these pillars. Our products match our philosophy because brightening the world does not need to be costly or create waste. By utilizing this efficient technology, we demonstrate our forward thinking and help set the standard for a cleaner future.

Sharing our vision starts in-house. Our offices are retrofitted with Hykolity LED light fixtures to boost our employees’ productivity and improve their mood. This way we can best impart our green culture and knowledge onto you, so you can live eco-friendly as well.


If a light goes out in the middle of its lifespan or you discover a defect, give us a call. We back our products with a 5-year warranty, so we stand by our fixtures’ quality and longevity.

With an open mind and ears, we welcome your feedback and comments!