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Hykolity LED Commercial & Residential Lighting - About us


Hykolity LED Lighting the manufacturer of quality lighting fixtures was founded in 2011. Ever since we have proven to be a break-through manufacturer in the lighting industry thanks to our high quality products and affordable prices. We take pride in our LED lighting fixtures and how important it is for our clients to have a reliable lighting fixture.  We want to enhance and illuminate people’s commercial lives with our LED lighting technology.

Hykolity has a growing number of products that can fit most commercial and industrial applications. All of our products hold manufacturing certifications and qualifications highly regarded for the lighting industry.  Welcome to our LED Lighting world where we’ll make your life brighter.


Hykolity LED Lighting Eco Friendly


We strongly believe in a lifestyle that’s green and eco-friendly.  Hykolity believes that LED lighting fixtures are the staple of energy efficient lighting.  We have our R&D team working on ways to improve and design more efficient LED lighting fixtures. Knowing our strong client base is of professionals the requirements of our products has been elevated to meet their standards. We carry out this culture in our offices as they have been retrofired with LED lighting fixtures.   

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring that our customers have the easiest and the best shopping experience available to them.  Basically, our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and quality long lasting products.  Here at Hykolity, these two concepts are always followed by each and every member of our staff.  Once you become a customer or one of our clients, we’ll be sure to follow up and keep in touch to solve any problems or concerns far after the sale.


Hykolity LED Lighting Customer Service


Hykolity LED lighting fixtures are top notch quality with a cost efficient price. Knowing many of our customers rely on us to bring them quality products sets the bar for us to continue on delivering superior LED lighting products.  We offer a 5 year warranty on our lighting fixtures to ensure you buy with confidence.  Helping out our customers is something that we love to do. We have informative materials to help know more about our products or even to help out with lighting installations.   

We understand the need to offer quality LED lighting fixtures and would like to hear back from your experiences. We value our customers very much and will do everything to ensure each and every single one gets the best service that there is.  Our goal is to build a relationship with each customer and to ensure they get the best and most cost efficient LED lighting fixtures in the market.