LED UFO High Bay Lighting

Should I upgrade to LED? 

The short answer to this is YES, LED lighting is one of the most cost efficient and energy saving methods that can be done. The transformation can also be seen as simple as a flick of a switch in the form of more well-lit areas.  Hykolity has been recognized as a brand to trust for its reliability and money saving prices.

Unlike fluorescent and incandescent lighting, LEDs do not omit heat or noise.  The fixture itself is also much lighter than traditional ones, making installation a bit easier. These go great in high bay areas such as warehouses, gyms, and any other area with high ceilings.  Hykolity proudly offers a 5 year warranty on their products, backing them up 100% against defects.

Rebates on Purchases

There are energy saving programs that offer a rebate on the purchase of LED lighting.  These are usually offered through local and regional energy companies.  For more information visit your local energy company as the rebate information varies from state to state.   

 Learn More about LED UFO lighting

One of the most popular LED fixture are the UFO design lights. These are an excellent replacement for metal halide fixtures. The LED UFO lights offer a better cost efficient solution and save energy at the same time. These lights are dimmable  and have an isolated brand driver, which operates at a lower temperature.  Rated for 50,000 hours of use they also come with a 5 year warranty if anything goes wrong with the light.


LED UFO High Bay Lighting