Hykolity 100W White Finish UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture, 11000lm 5000K [250w MH/HPS Equivalent] Motion Sensor/Surface Mount optional, Commercial Warehouse/Workshop/Car wash Wet location Area Light

Hykolity LED Lighting

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This is LED lighting fixture puts out 11000lm at 5000K daylight white which can brighten up any area.      

This LED lighting fixture is made to last, as it is quality manufactured with both the driver and heat sinker separately in order to maximize lifespan. LEDs fixtures are a perfect replacement for halogen lights as they do not conduct as much heat and have performance issues. 

This LED lighting fixture does not come with reflectors. 



  1. 11000 lumens and only consumes 100w.
  2. Lightweight and one piece die-casting
  3. Easy and Fast Installation thanks to its hook and locking bolt
  4. High quality production from beginning to end.  

Can be used in:

Many type of applications, warehouses, gyms, factory buildings, industrial areas and more.  Recommended for applications of 15 - 18 feet off the ground. 


UFO LED High Bay Light White Finish 100w

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Warranty information:

The warranty is good for 5 years and it covers factory defects. This is good as you know that if anything goes wrong where it malfunctions Hykolity will have your back.   

How to Install

We know how much you love information, this is why we offer you detailed instructions in order to make your install even easier.  We try to keep all manuals updated, if you feel there is an error, please contact us and we will take care of it.


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